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In this video podcast, Andile Ngcaba is interviewed by Dimension Data employees on its graduate programme

Taking full advantage of the experience and knowledge Andile has of the technology industry, each person was given the opportunity to ask him an array of questions. Today’s discussion ranged from big data, entrepreneurship the impact of the Internet and Andile’s involvement in the panel on the Global Internet Cooperation and Governance.

The aim of this series is to spark a conversation on the various developments in the ICT sector; creating a platform where young professionals are able to learn from leaders such as Andile and exchange ideas they may have.

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Madula Ngwasheng
I completed my BCom Honours in Informatics at the University of Johannesburg. I’m a driven and introverted young lady who enjoys reading and have aspirations of becoming an author in the near future.

I’ve always been fascinated by computers. This motivated my pursuit in gaining knowledge and skills in the IT sector and most importantly, adding value to this innovative industry. I have been fortunate enough to be awarded the opportunity to further my studies and work for a renowned technology company.

My favourite moment of this opportunity has to be receiving the email that confirmed my participation in the podcast series! I also learned a great deal about Andile while doing all my research, which was very inspiring.

Feel free to get in touch with me on:

Laurens Boel
My name is Laurens Boel and I have a passion for cutting edge technology. My ambition is to be renowned within the “Big Data” space and I’m an aspiring inspirational speaker and life coach.

I’ve always enjoyed playing around with computers, trying to break them, as young boys tend to do. That led me to a degree in computer science and my love for the intricacies of the science grew from there. Dimension Data, being the leader within the cloud space, was the next logical choice and now I hope to add value specifically within the cloud and big data space.

I enjoyed spending time with Andile. I have heard so many amazing things about him, how he has an inspirational aura surrounding him wherever he goes and I felt that. I felt inspired and motivated just by the conversation shared today.
Feel free to get in touch with me on:

It was a pleasure chatting  to Andile and we hope viewers will be informed and enjoy the interview as much as we did!

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