At present, only 16% of Africa’s 1 billion people are online. Internet penetration is forecast to exceed 50% of Africa’s population, which will have grown to 1.2 billion by 2025. This translates to over 600 million Africans online.

The development of the Internet has created a growing wave of innovation with the emergence of a number of digital entrepreneurs. This trend is evident in Africa, as seen through the rapid growth and development of the African entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Today, Andile chats to Laurie Olivier and Justin Stanford, executives from 4Di, a leading South African Venture Capital firm.

The discussion touches on opportunities that the Internet has created, not only for disruptive innovation but also as a means of expanding networks, and as a tool for global collaboration. They also review the venture capital landscape in Africa and the increased quality of investments and deal flows they have seen in recent years.

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