Mobile World Congress

This year,  the GSMA Mobile World Congress was held in  Barcelona and was host to over 85 000 visitors from 201 countries. Many of the world’s leading  mobile operators,  including companies in the broader mobile ecosystem such as software developers, internet companies and device makers were present at the event.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, and IBM CEO Virginia Rometty were some of the most anticipated talks at the congress.

Wearable technology was undoubtedly one of the most exciting topics this year with many companies announcing their move into this emerging market; however, it did little to diminish the popularity of mobile applications.

In this video, Andile  speaks  to 3 mobile entrepreneurs who were given the opportunity to exhibit their innovative applications and products at the event.

Companies mentioned in the clip:



Enough Software 


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  1. Great idea to have interviews! About two years ago, I was fortunate to see a mobile App developed by a leading SA acedemic that is context based making use of virtual reality, enhancing the learning experience. Telecommunication infrastructure/media, will become more like an “utility” with SAAS/cloud services and mobile apps the driver for the expansion of these networks. Revenue will be under presure from a network opperators perspective unless revenue streams get derived from services enabled by these networks… An interesting development is Facebook getting its business model right by aquiring Whatsapp. Whatsapp recently announced support for voice services that, combined with a social media platform such as Facebook, might cause a major upset in the mobile opperators voice revenue streams. Facebook has by far, the largest online community and works on smart mobile devices…

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