Young Talent Interview 3

On this episode of the Young Talent Interview, Andile is interviewed by Wendy Tshabalala, a client liaison at Dimension Data  and Nikhil Ramla, a product manager at Internet Solutions. Andile discusses the tech trends from this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the uptake of Raspberry Pi in Africa, the importance of online education and the growing adoption of social media.

The aim of this series is to spark a conversation on the various developments in the ICT sector; creating a platform where young professionals are able to learn from leaders such as Andile and exchange ideas they may have.

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Wendy Tshabalala
My name is Wendy Tshabalala and I enjoy being outdoors with friends and family. My name is Wendy Tshabalala and I enjoy being outdoors with friends and family.

I joined Dimension Data last year under its graduate program. I studied Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Investments. I then completed certificates in A+, N+ and Microsoft Server Administration at CIDA City Campus.

My keen interest in all things IT and my desire to keep up to date and informed of the latest IT trends; motivated my pursuit for the qualifications mentioned above.

I’ll be honest, I was a little intimidated by Mr Ngcaba as he walked through the door, but meeting Andile was an honour. He is certainly a thought leader within the ICT space and I learned a great deal from him in the short session we had.


Nikhil Ramlal
I am Nikhil Ramlal, a 22 year old South African who’s passionate about tech, innovation, organisational architecture and most importantly a balanced life. I have a BSc IT degree and Honours in Computer Science and Information Systems.

The fact that information is now easily accessible via computers and computer networks was one of the major reasons for my career choice. The IT environment is one that is very dynamic and I wanted to contribute to the future of this sector.

As a graduate I was awarded the opportunity to work for Dimension Data and am currently an Associate Product Manager at Internet Solutions (A division of Dimension Data).

Andile Ngcaba is a man of substance and a role model. I believe that Mr Ngcaba has played a vital role in shaping the ICT arena into what  it is today and because of this I am always motivated after listening to Andile whether in person or through his inspiring videos. This drives me to work harder to achieve my goals. Mr Ngcaba makes it seem easy (even though I know it isn’t), his attitude inspires me and I hope to be more like him each day.

Feel free to get in touch with me on:


Twitter: @Nikh_R



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