A Collaborative, Decentralized Internet Governance Ecosystem

A Collaborative, Decentralized Internet Governance Ecosystem

The Panel on Global Internet Governance and Mechanisms has released a report on the future management of the Internet.

Included in the report are the principles produced from the NETmundial meeting in Sao Paulo earlier this year.

The report highlights key elements of Internet governance and supports the further development of a collaborative Internet governance (IG) system that is decentralised, and supports a distributed, participatory and layered Internet governance ecosystem.

The panel proposes the creation of distributed governance (DG) groups that consist of mutually dependent organisations and /or individual experts who are able to solve issues relating to the governance of the Internet with policies, recommendations or best practices.

These groups would then be guided by an efficient and dynamic global governance process that involves the following procedures: Issue Identification, Solutions Mapping, Solutions Formulation, Solutions Implementation.

In keeping with the creation of a collaborative IG system, it is important to design mechanisms and platforms that would allow for quick and easy access to information and expertise. As a result, three main enablers have been identified. These being:

  • Forums and dialogues which will enable online and offline engagement through a number of channels between stakeholders;
  •  Expert communities, which will facilitate open and collaborative research; supporting DG groups through knowledge sharing and expertise; and
  • Capacity development and toolkits, which consist of development programmes that will enable DG groups and stakeholders to build capacity.

From these platforms, DG groups are able to access information that may contribute or guide their workings.

In line with the NETmundial roadmap, the panel has also recommended next steps towards a developed, collaborative, decentralised Internet governance ecosystem by 2017. The steps being:

  • Coalesce and support broad multistakeholder alliances;
  • Develop new and strengthen existing IG mechanisms;
  • Evolve collaborative decision-making;
  • Establish urgently needed sustainable funding and resource models to enable IG evolution and to strengthen and operationalize the collaborative IG ecosystem;
  • Support ICANN accountability and IANA globalization; and
  • Explore additional questions to be answered for moving forward.

Download a free copy of the report below or visit internetgovernancepanel.org  for more information on The Panel on Global Internet Governance and Mechanisms

 For information on the NETmundial principles  please visit netmundial.org

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