My Bookshelf: The Second Machine Age

The Second Machine Age Book Cover The Second Machine Age
Erik Brynjolffson and Andrew McAfee

We might still be a few decades away from an era when artificial intelligence (AIs) will be writing books that land up on best-seller lists, but this may not be far off, based on recent advancement in automation which is responsible for the restructuring of economies and job markets all over the world.

The book, The Second Machine Age, analyses the latest economic research concerning how the latest technological changes are impacting the rise in global inequality and competitiveness amongst the workforce, whilst also highlighting the prosperity innovations in technology come with and the fact that they are inevitable.

Robots are getting smarter and as they do, it is essential society get smarter too.   To ensure this occurs, the least that should happen is an improvement in the social welfare and education systems currently in use.

This book explores the impact of technological innovations and how society should react to them in order to harvest all the benefits of them.

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