The Snapt Story

The Snapt Story

2012 Signifies the birth of one of South Africa’s most successful start-ups to date. Snapt started out with the objective of creating products, which aimed to bridge the gap between open source and enterprise at the time. Open source products were really starting to gain momentum at the time, including a strong push by the South African government to support open source software. Snapt, with the help of 4Di Capital quickly realised its vision of enterprise ready open source software products.

Snapt, swiftly gained traction in the market as more and more large enterprises, such as MTV and Intel, as well as smaller to medium businesses, also became adopters of the products.

Snapt has moved from its initial web load balancing solution and products to adding accelerator and firewall functionality to make sites load faster yet still remain secure. The company has become a Application Delivery Controller catering to e-commerce sites, large web publishers, new media companies, all the way down to the small start-ups attempting to grow their businesses.

Convergence Partners identified this South African company, boasting an impressive client base spanning across fifty countries and decided to invest $1 million worth of growth funding.

2016 is proving to be a stellar year for the South African start-up as the company prepares to further add to its international status through participating in this year’s RISE conference in Hong Kong. Here delegates from the world’s biggest companies and some of the most exciting startups will come together to network.



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