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andile21Andile Abner Ngcaba is a South African businessman who has devoted most of his life and career to the field of technology, in particular communications.

Born on 12 June 1956, in Duncan Village, East London (Eastern Cape Province), Ngcaba currently lives in Johannesburg and Mountain View,California.

He is chairman, founder and majority shareholder of investment group Convergence Partners ¬†Through Convergence Partners, Ngcaba is also involved in significant new communications infrastructure projects across Africa including Seacom (the first undersea fibre optic cable system serving Africa’s East Coast) which was ready for service on 23 July 2009, the first private sector satellite in Africa (Intelsat New Dawn) which was launched on 22 April 2011, a joint venture to bring high capacity, long-haul terrestrial fibre to South Africa (FibreCo) and recently a new joint venture with Google to invest in CSquared, a broadband infrastructure company headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya.

Ngcaba was previously an activist aligned with the African National Congress during the struggle against Apartheid, and thereafter the Director General of Communications in the first democratically elected government of South Africa in 1994. He left Government in 2003 to pursue a career in the private sector.

Andile has written and published many papers, received various international awards, participated both locally and globally on ICT decision-making forums such as the Panel on Global Internet Cooperation and Governance Mechanisms and has influenced the formation of various African forums and organisations responsible for shaping the ICT sector (including through his role as Director General of Communications in the South African Government).

His passion for social development and desire for innovation in the ICT sector, especially on the African continent, is evident in the work he does.

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  1. Bhuti wam you are indeed our role model in the Ngcaba family. All the best of luck in your future endeavours Siyoyo, Hlahla, Gxarha, Vambane…..

  2. All those with me from Forte and in previously disadvantaged Students I am quite shocked by our lsck of enthuisiasm.This guy prompted us to realise intellectual contributors beginning with the class of 1993 to the present.I think we took as individual opportunities .But you are a intellectual giant bra Ace.Salute.

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